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Supporting you in the creation of highly bespoke &

beautifully heartfelt ceremonies honouring love, life and loss.

weddings - naming ceremonies - funerals & more

Experienced & supportive with Neurodiversity  Let's take away that worry! Click here.

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I'm Sue Denham and, as a Celebrant, it is my privilege to help couples and families create meaningful ceremonies during your important moments of love, life and loss.

I have:

  • a firm commitment to inclusivity, acceptance, individuality and the universality of love;

  • extensive experience in sensitively supporting people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and beliefs;

  • expertise in creativity and public speaking;

  • a reputation for being both an empathic Celebrant and a skilled storyteller, who has supported many people through rites of passage, and the trials and triumphs of life.


Becoming a celebrant brings all my skills and experiences together, with a beautifully colourful and fresh approach.

Whatever you're celebrating, or facing, you can be reassured that I will be truly 'byyourside'.

Read my promises to you > here.




Rainbows are a wonderful reflection of life's sunny moments and the inevitable sad times too. There is always beauty to be found and celebrated, and I'm here to help you do just that. Having personally experienced many of life’s ups and downs (including children, divorce, bereavement and cancer), I'll help you to consider creative ideas, or honour important traditions and rituals, so that the day is everything you feel it should be. Read about my popular ceremony services below.


Having been a school headteacher for over 35 years, I'm an experienced storyteller. My career also led me to become a thoughtful and sensitive 'listener', with a huge heart. I'm naturally creative, resilient and always with a positive outlook on life. In 2022, these skills and attributes began to blend beautifully in my new role as a celebrant.  

Beyond my qualifications, I'm told it is my personality that makes me a reassuring person to have 'by your side'.

Please take a moment to get to know me and my differences by viewing my mini-videos below!


Your kind words...

"Sue, you truly bring people together, not only with your exuberance and wonderful smile, but through your compassion and love for everyone. 

Wedding show attendee, Exeter, October 2022.

shared moments

Sometimes life's joyous moments deserve to be shared far and wide. Likewise, uniting over sad moments can help, but privacy and dignity mean a lot too. On my social media are a mixture of precious moments that clients have encouraged me to share, along with words and pictures to inspire, comfort and show you more of life 'by your side'.

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a journey together

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