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inclusivity & neurodiversity

Championing diversity and inclusion as a Celebrant.

My role, as your Celebrant, includes making sure that everyone feels comfortable at the ceremony, so that you don't need to worry for loved ones and can focus on the day - whether that be a joyful celebration, a time for rememberance, or both!

Being inclusive can require consideration and thoughtful touches in a variety of ways, from practical issues such as wheelchair or pushchair access, to the offering of ceremonial roles to children, and perhaps the inclusion - or exclusion - of cultural traditions.

My experience with Neurodiversity, including those with autism, means that I am also very mindful of the needs that relate to the sensitive handling of noise levels, clothing or food choices, certain smells and perhaps the order of the day. Together, with me 'by your side', we'll support each other and all involved, so that this important day feels special to everyone.

Please take a moment to view my video below. Hopefully it will help you to get to know me a bit more, and my passion for inclusivity within my role as a Celebrant.

The best next step is for us to casually chat your ideas over. There's no pressure, and I'm happy to share ideas with no obligation. I hope to hear from you soon, Sue.

Call me: 07837 988120

or email:

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