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thoughtful & ready to listen

From a trusting relationship through to a beautiful day... as your Celebrant, I'm here to make the journey both bespoke and joyful.

As a Celebrant, the most important aspect is to build a trusting relationship with you; that way, I will ensure the ceremony is truly bespoke and everything you hoped it would be. Indeed, it is through my enthusiasm to offer connection and support that I came up with my business name... I really do want to be 'Sue - By Your Side'!

"My grandmother was full of warmth and not always conventional. She would be raising a glass to see such wishes not only honoured, but celebrated"

I've taken the plunge and recorded a quick video for you below. Hopefully it will help you to discover a bit more about me and the difference I can make to you!

So, video-making isn't really my thing - I'm a people-person after all. Please therefore go ahead and give me a call. We can keep it relaxed and simply chat over your initial thoughts, with no pressure to make any decisions until you're ready.

Call me: 07837 988120

or email:

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