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an experienced storyteller

Your story deserves to be told, and as a Celebrant I'm here to do that in the most magical, memorable way...

To be your storyteller, whether it's a story of love, life or loss, is a huge privilege for me and a responsibility I take onboard with full commitment and a full heart too. As a Celebrant, my role is to help you tell your story, or perhaps the journey of another, and weave this throughout the ceremony so that it becomes exceptionally unique, memorable and engaging.

Everyone has a story that deserves to be told. Perhaps you've now been presented with an ideal opportunity for this, be it at a joyous wedding, a milestone naming ceremony or a funeral in which you wish to fully honour the amazing journey of a loved one. My experience to date, both personally and professionally, means that with me confidently 'by your side', we'll find the perfect words and ways to do this.

"From the start, Sue really got to know us as a couple and was keen to help tell our story. She gave us so many ideas to make our ceremony personal & special!"

Please take a moment to see my little video below to know more.

To discuss how as a Celebrant I can support you during your upcoming ceremony or celebration, please get in touch. It would be lovely to chat over some ideas with you.

Call me: 07837 988120

or email:

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