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naming ceremonies

Are you planning a naming ceremony in Devon or elsewhere in the South-West? Make it appropriately bespoke, special and memorable with Sue 'by your side' as your celebrant.

(Foreword: A naming ceremony is not necessarily unique to a baby/child. Any person can enjoy a celebration for a re-naming or adoption etc. You may be an adult looking to mark a fresh start with a renaming ceremony, to acknowledge a personal change in circumstances, perhaps relating to gender, marriage or divorce. So, although the remainder of this article is written with baby and child ceremonies in mind, please know I'm here to make adult naming ceremonies just as bespoke and as special).

baby & child naming & renaming ceremonies

The naming of a baby should be celebrated and one to share with friends and family as your child begins their own life. It is a platform where parents can promise to care and commit, explain their hopes for their child for the future, give their thanks, name new guardians and top it all off with a party.

For some parents a religious christening or baptism is not what they are looking for as they may be non-religious and wish to let their child decide his, or her own beliefs. Most often, parents then chose to celebrate at home and within the family group.

Let me advise you and lead you through this precious ceremony. I can suggest readings and offer expert advice, helping to lead and conduct the ceremony itself.

Please don't forget: Baby Naming does not replace registering the birth. Registration is a legal requirement. The first action is to legally register the your child. This document mentions the time, date, sex, place of birth and baby's name, supported with the details of parents. The registration process should be initiated within 42 days at the registry office situated in your area or where the baby was born. A new baby registration is for legal recognition and therefore protection for the child.

​Fee: £450


Travel beyond 20-mile radius from Braunton at 45p per mile

  • Themed outfit

  • Accommodation costs

  • Items used in ceremony that the clients have requested celebrant to purchase on their behalf.

Let's chat it over!

Please feel free to give me a call, even if you're just thinking the idea of a celebration or ceremony over. I'll never push my services and will be honest as to how I can best support you. I may be able to recommend other suppliers from within my network that would be helpful to you too!

Call me: 07837 988120

or email:

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