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creativity & adaptability

Being a creative and adaptable Celebrant has brought smiles and reassurance to those that I've supported with their ceremonies and celebrations.

Creativity and adaptability are two strengths of mine that I'm confident you'll benefit from. Although often told that I have a natural flair, I also put a lot of time and love into all I do, from researching new ideas, developing my script-writing skills and expanding my network of supportive suppliers. Such confidence helps me to be highly adaptable, as it makes me quick to think on my feet and forever see a positive twist or solution.

Sitting in front of a video for the purpose of my website somehow feels more daunting than a ceremony of hundreds of people, but I appreciate it's perhaps a good way for you to get to know me just a bit better.

So, on the topic of my 'creativity and adaptability', here's one of my first-ever video attempts for you!

Ha, so no Oscars for me perhaps, but hopefully enough to reassure you that I'm here, ready to listen, and ready to be 'by your side'.

Call me: 07837 988120

or email:

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